Lampire Omni C3 Cell Culture Bags

LAMPIRE OMNI C3 Cell Culture Bags are a simple, single-use bag, manufactured for the cultivation, harvesting, and storage of cells. Permeable to gases, the OMNI C3 Cell Culture Bag allows efficient transfer of gases, so it is not necessary to aerate cultures. In addition, or instead of the screw cap accessory (which facilitates cell collection), the bags can be equipped with Luer-lock ports and/or needle ports for aseptic inoculation and sampling.

These sterile connections minimize the possibility of culture contamination. The ports can be used to connect multiple bags in a series to increase production. OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bags can be customized to include the number and type of ports required for each project. Our bags support rapid cell growth and are strong enough to be used in centrifugation and/or long-term microcellular storage. In addition, the use of collapsible bags will reduce the amount and cost of collecting biological waste in your laboratory.

The OMNI C3® Cell Culture Bag will work well with suspension cell lines such as Hybridoma, CHO, and HEK293. Adherent cell lines can be cultured with the addition of an artificial polyester mesh substrate. Cell scaffold material is also available as an option and can maximize anchor-dependent cellular production.

These dedicated research bags are available in various standard sizes and configurations or can be customized based on your project needs. Looking for optimal cell growth? Be sure to try our catalog of cell culture media products or contact our technical team to have your own custom formula manufactured. Please see our product list or contact Customer Service for more information.

  • Harvest and cell culture
  • Cryogenic storage
  • Centrifugation
  • Leak test
  • Aseptic inoculation
  • Electron Beam Sterilized
  • Efficient gas transfer
  • Customizable configurations and volumes
  • Biological waste reduction
  • Get connected to increase production


  • Suspension cells
  • Hybridoma, CHO, HEK293
  • Customizable settings
  • Adherent cells
  • Anchor dependent cells

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